Stretch wrap machine Tensioner GEMA GPD 300 DOCISK year 2013

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Condition of the machine:
Model / Type:
GPD 300
Year of const.:

Technical data

Model: GEMA GPD 300 with pneumatic clamp (semi-automatic)
Dimensions of the device:
Height: 3250 mm
length: 2850 mm
width: 1650 mm
weight: 590 kg
year of production: 2013
extensibility: 100 ÷ 300%
film thickness: 17 ÷ 30 um
width of the film: 500 mm
max. roll diameter: 270 mm
max. length of the sleeve: 520 mm
ext. diameter of the sleeve: 76 mm
The dimensions of the load:
Height: 2500 mm
length: 1200 mm
width: 1000 mm
weight: 1500 kg
efficiency: about 25 pallets / h
table speed: 5 ÷ 15 rpm
Working range of pressure: 1200 ÷ 2500 mm
installed power: 1.4 kW
table height from the ground: 70 mm
Power supply: 3 x 400 V, AC / 50 Hz, N, PE
air supply: 0.6 MPa
working temperature: 0 ÷ 40 ° C
microprocessor control system with work diagnostics,
pockets for transporting the wrapper with a forklift,
anodized aluminum mast,
powder painting,
wrapping with or without clamping,
smooth setting of film stretches from 100 to 300%,
setting the tension of the film between the elevator and the load,
the number of bottom wraps,
the number of top wraps,
single or double wrapping,
wrapping with or without cycle stop,
smooth setting of table rotational speed,
step adjustment of the foil tab on the load,
smooth set-up of the film above the load.

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Below is the video from the manufacturer website.

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