Mecatherm Megalinia - Line for baking bread

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300 000 €
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Mécatherm SA
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Technical data

Producer: Mécatherm SA, 67130 Barembach
Model, type: Megalinia
Production year: 2011 (all component machines)
Maximum capacity: up to 5000 pcs / hour for hot-dog buns and rolls of puff pastry, up to 4,000 pieces / hour for baguettes
The maximum length of the line after laying: about 120 m
Weight range of products manufactured: 40-540 g
Power supply: Electric and gas
Voltage: 220,3 V,
Frequency 50-60 Hz,
Power: 120 kW
The power of gas burners: 320 kW
- Sasib Bakery dough making system, type Petrin Continu, S / N: 11/0235
- Pie making machine with a Mecatherm DOHC, S / N dough lining system: 45.07
- Mecatherm TC, S / N dough forming line: 33.06
- Garowania Mecatherm TFP 40-2-07, S / N: 24.21
- There is no machine for making and sprinkling dough
- Mecatherm TRM carousel oven, S / N: 23110467
- Refrigerator with conveyor belt Mecatherm TRP 32-1- 03, S / N: 65.34
- Mecatherm TRP 32-1-06, S / N carousel freezer: 73.34
- Mecatherm MP II, S / N sheet recovery machine: 76. 43
Technological processes:
- automatic collection of ingredients for making dough from loose and liquid products,
- automatic creation system of the sub-mills depending on the type of product,
- automatic transport of dough to the dividing system
The line consists of the following machines and devices:
1. A system for making dough
2. Dough dividers / Distributor (stacking equipment)
3. Dough forming line (laying equipment)
4. Automatic pot with top conveyance using an electric pusher
5. Carousel
6. Refrigerator with a belt conveyor
7. Freezer with carousel conveyor
8. Automatic dough ejector
No dough cutting system.

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